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"Waverider" the Surf I Coaching I Meditation I Yoga I Wellness Retreat in 2019?

Dates: Dezember 2019 - März 2020 in Sri Lanka Become a Waverider and enjoy the best Sri Lanka has to offer: Ayurveda, meditation, wellness, yoga and amazing surfing conditions for beginners & professionals. Combine your coachings needs with a wonderful vacation. With or without your family we arrange for you the perfect experience of well being. Get in touch with us for further booking options.

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ARTS PEOPLE BUSINESS is an innovative coaching company, which makes the most proven concepts from the media and entertainment industry accessible across sectors. The pedagogical mastermind behind APB is Marcel Zuzan, a specialist in human performance, a professional musician on international level and a passionate coach.

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At the moment there are no available vacancies, but

we are always interested in meeting exciting candidates. You are always welcome to send in your CV and tell us why you would be a great addition to our team. Send your information (cover letter, CV, certificates) to info@arts-people-business.de .


In which languages do we coach?

In English and German - and with our team of live interpreters in another 12 languages such as Spanish, French, Arabic or Chinese. Please let us know, which language you prefer.

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